Derren Brown The Artist

Many know Derren Brown as a thought-fiddler and thaumaturge, but few seem to know that he paints. His portraits have a twisted charm that mirror his whimsical stage and TV shows, and are a lot of fun to browse; check them out here.

Today he’s tweeting photos of his process. Watching this portrait of his father come together, live, is rather wonderful. And he’s not finished yet. Follow along on twitter here: @derrenbrown

Derren Brown: "I like to treat this like a blank canvas."

Derren Brown: "Going to paint m’Dad for a family series. Sketch on canvas done, bring on the messy stuff."

Derren Brown: "Orange phase complete. Let it dry."

Derren Brown: "Building up some tones, dry brush, moving them into background…"

Derren Brown: "More of the same, starting to take some sort of basic shape. Might stop for lunch."

Derren Brown: "Increasing definition."

Derren Brown: "Glazing to soften colours. It’s 5ft tall, acrylic, will take a week of sporadic sessions. Stopping for a few hrs."

DerrenBrown: "Couple more hours tonight painting pic of Dad… Still a way to go but here’s the latest."

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